From personal Need into the whole World

Long before establishing TowFLEXX a desire started to grow, to get the own Aircraft out of the Hangar, but with less effort. What started as a Hobby quickly got great Attention. Soon after the Label “SchleppMAXXE” (engl. TugMAXXE) was founded and the first Units were produced in small Quantities.

TugMAXXE became TowFLEXX

In the last years the worldwide Requests became ever lager, what lead to the Decision to change “SchleppMAXXE” (what is a pretty German Term) into a internationally working Name – that was the Birth of TowFLEXX.

Turn the Aircraft right on the Spot

Towing an Aircraft with conventional Tugs requires a lot of Space. Additionally every Movement must be very carefully weighed, to prevent pricey damages. To turn the Nose Gear, the Aircraft must be moved back and forth which needs a great Deal of Caution to not overturn it while maneuvering.

360° Technology with pending Patent

With TowFLEXX the prior mentionend Issues are not relevant anymore. The remote controlled Aircraft Tugs (starting at the 3 Series) are equipped with a unique Turntable, which allows the User to swivel it 360° around the Fuselage, while the Nose Wheel remains in it´s starting Position. That is not only unique, but innovative, much safer and profitable for the Owner!

Unbeatable Advantages

Benefit from TowFLEXX!


more effective Space in your Hangar


more Revenue


higher Efficiency


reduced Damages

More Space means more Revenue

The remote controlled Tugs are extremly agile and flexible due to their unique 360° Technologie. That allows the User to utilize all of the available Space in the Hangar, because the Tug does not need Space to maneuver. That means more Aircraft can fit into the same Hangar and create up to 40% more Revenue than before – amazing, don´t you think?

Considerable Cost Reduction

Beside higher Revenues you can save additional Costs! Why is that? Pretty easy: with TowFLEXX you only need one single Person to operate, that saves personnel costs on the one Hand side. Since we are not working with any Hydraulics the Tug is almost free of Maintenance. The last Money saving Point is, you prevent expensive Damages, because a TowFLEXX Tugs are not working with any Towbar. The Nose Wheel is captured on a free floating Turntable which keeps it from oversteering.